End of US & Mexico & Canada land border closures

From November 2021, border restrictions between the USA and Mexico, and the USA and Canada, are being lifted and replaced with COVID vaccination requirements.

Since March 2020, non-essential travel – such as tourism and personal visits with family and friends – into the US across the land and sea borders with Mexico and Canada has been prohibited.

The Department of Homeland Security is implementing a two-stage plan to reopen cross-border travel between the USA and Mexico and Canada by land or sea.

From November, the border ban on non-essential travel will be replaced with the requirement for foreign travelers to be fully vaccinated against COVID. This is in line with the new COVID vaccine requirements for international air travel into the USA.

From January 2022, the vaccination requirement will be extended to apply to both non-essential and essential travel across the borders. “Essential” purposes include business and work-related travel.

This means foreign workers traveling to the USA, including those on H, L, O, and B visas and under the Visa Waiver Program, must show proof of full COVID vaccination in order to enter the USA after land or ferry travel.

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